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Silathoranam Tirumala

Silathoranam Tirumala

About Project

Silathoranam is located near SV Museum approximate 1 Kms from Sri Venkateswara swamy (Sri Balaji) temple. It is a natural Rock formation, Sila means Rock and Thoranam means Arch. The Lord’s transformation into rock, a very rare phenomenon of two different sets of rocks connected together in the form of a thin link was found. With a height of 3 meter and width of 8 meter, it presents a captivating view. According to geological findings these rocks belong to the pre-Cambrian era and about 1.5 billion years old; suggesting billion years of history of Tirumala hills as well. There have been many views regarding its shape. Scientifically, this formation of rocks is associated with extreme climatic changes and corrosions. This phenomenon is considered to be very rare and termed as ‘eparchean unconformity’, denoting rare geological fault. According to another view, this rare rock formation of Silathoranam has been carved out of a quartzite.

According to Geologists, there are only two other sites in the world with similar features. One rock formation is in UK that cuts through the cape of Dalradian Quartzite while the second one is in USA- Rainbow Arch Bridge of Utah. Pilgrims can go by walk easily from SV. Museum also it is on the way to Srivari Padalu.

Distance: 1 Kms from Sri Venkateswara swamy (Sri Balaji) temple and 2 kms from Rambagicha bus station.

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